Setting up App Indexing for my forum

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Setting up App Indexing for my forum

Post by Topic'it » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:45 pm

To optimize your forum visibility on Google search, discover how to set up App Indexing.
Please note that Topic'it has already installed the technical part (API App Indexing). Thus, no technical knowledge is required !

What is App Indexing ?

App indexing allows users browsing Google, to open your forum pages directly on Topic'it app (if you have already installed it on your mobile or tablet). Thus, they will enjoy a user-friendly navigation and a better search experience.

App Indexing will also boost your forum ranking with a better visibility on Google search results !

How to validate your forum for App Indexing ?

First, you must be administrator of a forum available on the app and have access to your Topic'it account.

Preliminary steps

1. Make your forum available on Topic'it app
2. Add your forum on Google Search Console

Add your forum on Google Webmaster tool: Google Search Console

Validate your forum for App Indexing

Now, login to your Topc'it account and select your forum:


Then, click on App Indexing tab:


Click "Send a request". Once your request is processed, you'll receive a message to confirm the association on your Google Search Console email (a 2 or 3 day waiting period may be necessary):


Once the email received, you have to validate the association by approving the request in Google Search Console: left menu, All messages. Open the verification request message and click Approve the request.

Your forum is now validated for the App Indexing. You can verify the new status on your Topic'it account:


Warning: a two or three week waiting period may be necessary so that Google updates search results.

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